- Heritage & Cultural Legacy - 


Sight of Bali is rich in culture. Because of the beautiful nature, beaches, flora and fauna and many temples with their colorful Hindu ceremonies with the rich aromatic herbs burning smell of incense, elegant Balinese locals wear lush sarongs with worldly jewels. Bali will excite your senses.


The Balinese are almost always friendly and helpful, family oriented and embrace their history and traditions. They are passionate for life and nature and share authenticity & passion for the Balinese Culture. Music and dance are an important part of culture and daily life on the island. Balinese are very artistic people; the creativity in BALIQS designs breath life in the garments with colours, textures and patterns within each garments bring a sense of energy and timeless beauty to the wearer. So it comes as no surprise that BALIQS with a true vision to create clothes that are not only wearable but "magnificent heirloom treasures".