Who is BALIQS - Crafted to Care

BALIQS Crafted to Care  company has a manufacturing facility in Indonesia, the marketing and sales are done in the Netherlands. The company supports fair entrepreneurship. All the shoes are designed by locals from the Bali, Indonesia. All the shoes are made by hand. They have a typical local look and feel, because of the local materials that are used and the traditional manufacturing techniques.

The company supports the local peoples, they coach them and give them advise on how to create and maintain a successful business so that they can generate an income and create a better life for them and their families. The shoes sold and exported all over the world. 

The main advantages of the shoes are:

-They are made by Balinese craftworkers and designers. So by buying these shoes, women also do something good.                                                                 

-The shoes have an authentic look and feel, because of the local materials and manufacturing techniques that are used.